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Neuromuscular-Trigger Point Therapy Massage


Are you having trouble with numbness, shooting pains or tingling sensations in your extremities? Do you have pain that runs down the back of your leg when you move? What about tingling or numbness in your fingers? If you have any of these problems Neuromuscular Massage might just be the answer. Using trigger point techniques you could see results in less than an hour.

Neuromuscular therapy employs point to point techniques with tools called t-bars. This method targets the specific muscles that cause severe pain, numbness and tingling. When the correct spots are actually palpated you, as the client, will feel the shooting pain. These spots are called trigger points. When I hit these spots and hold pressure it relaxes the muscles and relieves the pain. Deep tissue massage can be effective as well but nothing like Trigger Point therapy.



Each T-bar is specifically designed so that the massage therapist can use it on a different area of the body. One is for the base of the scull for severe tension which can cause headaches. Another is made to work on the hips to decrease pain in the sciatic nerve area. The small and large flat head t-bars are for the shoulders, forearms and lower legs. Other rounded t-bars can be used to press on attachments in the lower back and feet. Although it may seem extreme Neuromuscular therapy is specific deep tissue and can be less painful than deep pressure all over the body. And because it targets the specific areas of tension we still have time to do the relaxing techniques in the session as well! 





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