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Pregnancy or Pre-Natal Massage

     A large portion of my massage practice is pre-natal massage. I am very comfortable working with mom's and do so on a regular basis. Below I have listed some questions most of my clients ask so you will be well informed. Also please feel free to contact me if you are unsure about making an appointment.

Frequently asked questions about Pre-natal massage:

1. Do you charge extra for a Pre-natal massage?

No, I do not charge extra for pre-natal massage.

2. Can I get massage when I am in my first trimester?

Yes you can receive massage therapy at any time during your pregnancy unless otherwise directed by your physician or midwife.

3. What is the difference between a regular massage and a pre-natal massage?

During pre-natal massage it is contraindicated to massage around the ankle bones, to pull the pinky toe or to do deep tissue on the lower back. Once you are further along in your pregnancy and can no longer lay face down I will use pillows to lay you on your side. Some massage therapists use a cushion called a pregnancy cushion and you can lay face down during the entire pregnancy.

4. Can I still use Aromatherapy when I am pregnant?

Some of the aromatherapy oils I use are completely contraindicated during pregnancy however, others like Cypress can be used but only sporadically. Then other oils like Lavender and Gentle Baby can be used during all stages of pregnancy at any interval.

5. Are you pre-natal certified?

Yes I am pre-natal certified. I also have worked with all stages of pregnancy as well as high risk pregnancies in a medical setting. I am well versed on all contraindications and on the areas of the body pregnancy can effect.

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